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Wild Humans

Animals in the wild are hunted by predators, frequently come to near death experiences, and don’t suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorders or depression. Domesticated animals however do suffer from PTSD and depression (Ph.D, 2011) because they have lost their connection with the elements, their instincts, the feel of the earth under their feet, the temperature, the season and feel of their natural habitat.

Humans are bound by chains of domestication and live in cages we created. As a species on this planet, humans have lost the knowledge of who we are, as creatures of the natural world, as souls vibrating our own unique energy into the universe. Homogenised humans.

I have learned how vital it is for me to live as part of nature; knowing what the weather is, knowing the temperature outside by feeling it on my skin and under my feet. I hear the seasons by the sounds of the birds or absence of, stand in the howling gale, hurt with exhaustion from climbing a mountain to shelter, and lie quietly in the tussocks, resting in the pulse of the earth all around me.

I love the wild highs that come from discovering a new place, turning a corner I have not been around before. And then I stay out of the deep lows which tripped me over earlier in life, by listening. Listening to the elements and listening to my body, which IS the elements, I find quiet, solitude, time and let my body rest … until I waken with the sun and the call of a new adventure.

From a place of deep connection with nature, we are able to truly touch, feel and meet our own unique being, with spirit and soul, beauty and inner wisdom.

On Wildself Adventures with Sonia Waters, you will explore nature, you will call the elements within, have time for solitude, and feel your wild awakening!

A human who loves him- or her-self, who is fully connected with the elements, is open to the pure magic of the universe. Welcome back wild human! Once you have been on a Wildself Adventure you will feel energy vibrate in you at higher levels and when you sing with the universe, the universe sings with you!


Animals in captivity show signs of PTSD (Ferdowsian, 2011).

Animals subject to severe human intervention show signs of social behavioural disorders (Elliot, 2013). 

There are few studies of the psychology of animals in the wild but as Dr Marc Beckoff says:

“I can't imagine that the extent of psychopathologies among wild animals comes close to how rampant PTSD and other disorders are among captive animals whose lives have been highly compromised by humans by being forced to live in highly unnatural conditions in unnatural social groups.” (Ph.D, 2011)


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Who is Sonia Waters?

Creator of Wildself, mother of two, lover of one, wild woman and adventurer at heart. From corporate success highs and deep dark holes, to life in the mountains and flowing rivers. I now offer myself to you as guide in your journey to your Wildself.

I started life in the tussock covered mountains of Lake Tekapo. As a family we moved, we lived like gypsies around the North Island in gold miners’ huts, caravans and houses. Childhood dreams and bare-footed freedom. Then somehow, along with the rest of the world, I was caught in the inherent turbulence of adulthood. When a relationship ended in tears, I moved south, back to the high country; my turangawaewae. I am asked often “why did you move?” “for my love affair with tussock and rock”.

That move was pivotal for me; it was physical, spiritual and soulful. The most transformative aspects were internal. As in the poem on the home page, I have risen from the bottom of the ocean of depression, to the tops of mountains. My inner strength has jumped out of my skin, I have shifted from a life of doing, to one of living and loving. My relationships are magical and deepening every day. Lessons from my inner child, masculine and feminine, experience from years in the wilderness, and my own unique wild self … are gifts I share with you.

And my work? I have an architecture degree, project manager, consultant to contractors to simplify construction. I am mother of two wild young women. Lover of one magical man. I am an ISTA graduate and my most recent transformative learning has been with Janine Ma-Ree, on a nine month Womb Journey centered in the Red Earth Temple of Australia.

I offer myself to you as guide. We will dance, meditate, share and shamanicly move our way through the wilderness. We will hike, walk, play, ride through nature with mindfulness, wildness and connectedness that lets us simply BE nature. We invite the elements in. The journey is physical and metaphysical, hard and soft, light and dark, and filled the with the superpowers of your pure essence.

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And me… what will I get from a Wildself Aventure?

This unique journey is for you in your curiosity of the mysteries of life. A moderate level of fitness is required for hiking in relatively easy terrain, no prior experience in yoga or meditation is necessary. We welcome everyone seeking the unknown.

Every person’s life path is different, but we all share a basic desire for freedom and contentment. Sounds simple but that can be difficult to find when wrapped in the chains of domestication. If you wish to shed the layers of daily life and see what lies beneath, if you wish to connect with your self … then be part of a Wildself Adventure where you can expect:

  • time and space

  • connection with raw pure nature

  • being guided into the shamanic realms of the elements and spirit of the wild

  • totem animals become part of our journey and help guide us on our return home

  • some adventures are wrapped in an online journey with your fellow adventurers, a daily practice and safe group in which to share will enhance the depth of experience and will support you in your return home

  • physical adventures into the wilderness include, hiking, biking, water-play and camping - every adventure is different and relies on the weather, season and group that forms

  • you will have the opportunity to connect with the elements of nature, to dive deep within, and to really feel you ARE nature

  • from this place of BEING nature, BEING raw, wild, innocence you can step in life with certainty, creativity, connection

  • relationships change, life evolves, you take your opportunities and run with wings and a tail like you forgot you had!

The possibilities are endless, the opening is here, group offerings are being created in abundance, but if you prefer to work one on one, this too is magical. Make contact, ask for what you want, and lets see what the universe delivers!

I look forward to meeting you,





Wildself is based at 80 Lagoon Ave, my home on the edges of a logoon formed by glacial river flow. We are rich with bird life, wild life, nature and a fabulous fire pit.

We have two rooms and plenty of tents for your stay. The photos below are of our house, three little Huts built on a passive house design with modular prefabrication at its essence I could rave about that for hours but wont do that here! We are in the process of building more self contained rooms and a training temple, so watch this space for progress. We prefer for adventurers to be camping together, building the network that grows in our sleep, however if you have your own Wanaka accommodation we wont object to that as long as you can be with the group for meals and all activities.

Much love. Sonia.