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Wild Women’s Adventure

Calloused wrists from the chains of domestication?

Shallow breath from regular restraint?

Feeling the call, from deep within, the silent shout, “let me out!!!”

Yes, let me out of pattern, restriction, submission,

I hold hands with women

We seek healing, we lunge into

Wind, water, wild

Let’s climb the hills, scream and cry and laugh and play

Alone and together feminine leads the way

Innocence returns, breath expands, pleasure unfurls,

The stones our temples, stars our ceiling

Wild goddess raw, real, awakening!

With these women, in nature, under the moon,

I reclaim my naked, radiant, loving, passionate self.

My Wildself.


Adventuring in the wilderness of Wanaka, four fabulous women unpeel the layers of domesticity to discover your pure wild selves. Hiking, camping, dance, meditation… time in the trees, valleys, mountains and rivers. Dive deep into the mystery, journey into your soul truth, take home tools to see, live and love life differently.

NOVEMBER 2019 - arrive 4pm Thursday 21st, depart mid-morning Monday 25th November.

If this resonates with you, contact me now to discuss further. Much love, Sonia.

sonia@wildself.nz or +64 27 200 9566 or… press the button below :)


Full Moon Gathering - Saturday 14 September


Create community this Harvest Moon, guided by our feminine spirit.

We all have masculine and feminine aspects. Our world is led by the masculine; whether man or woman, in business, politics, education, leadership, we operate from our thought centered masculine side. My personal journey, and one I want to share with others, is learning to lead through the feminine. She is strong, has remarkable presence, knows what she wants and asks for it, softly, firmly, she is emotional, she feels, she might even have tear filled eyes at the Board meeting. When her voice is soft, people know to listen. She speaks with clarity. When she is quiet, she is listening to you, from her soul.

This will become a regular call to community to share stories, be connected, know our neighbors, share the spirit of the Albert Town lagoon.

Arrive at 6pm with and open heart, something to drink, a small amount of food to share, no forks or knives, eating with our hands.

80 Lagoon Ave, Albert Town, Wanaka.

Please email sonia@wildself.nz if you will be here, or fill in the form below:)
With love,
Sonia. .

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Wildself Online

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You are on this page because something bought you here… for a reason. Perhaps a voice inside told you this is important. You saw your Wildself for a moment and were curious, perhaps you want more.

 So more is here. In your own time and space, you can have more. More love. More energy. More connected relating. More pleasure. More of whatever you desire, whatever you reach out to, and really show up for.

Journey with me and a small group of adventurers selected by the universe to

  • Dive deep within

  • Remember beyond your beginning

  • Feel the power of consent no and yes

  • Be guided through the magic of

  • Self-love, self-pleasure into

  • Soul meditations

  • Awaken with nature

  • Singing within your body

  • Your feminine, your masculine

  • Your lunar and annual seasons

  • Connect deeply with

  • The elements

  • Goddess Mother Earth

  • Cut the chains of domestication

  • Feel love, be love, and in your

  • Wildself

  • Stand at the gateway to

  • The void, source, ecstatic flow

 This three month online journey will include:

  • One one-to-one zoom call with Sonia

  • Monthly group zoom calls - 7pm (NZ time) on the 1st Monday of each month.

  • Weekly practices sent by email

  • Weekly facebook posts to our closed group

  • Playlists of music to accompany you on your journey

  • Meditations to deepen your practice

 Your first one on one phone call is at no cost, should you want to go deeper, or come to road blocks that need untangling we can always talk again, cost is detailed below.


  • NZ$199 for three months

  • Additional one-on-one zoom calls NZ$50/hr

This offering comes from a deep inner calling to share the voices that channel through me. To share the lessons, to guide people into nature, to guide you to your Wildself.

If you are looking for a pretty, soft, easy journey, this one ain’t that. This is a bumpy road, one of gravel with tricky pieces to navigate. A road you will motivate yourself to keep travelling down. There are fellow travelers at your side, your cheer leaders, your support crew. With a pocket full of pebbles to guide you, and my dulcet tones in guidance … the rewards will be beyond your imagination. If you are not happy with the results, if you get nothing out of this, I will give you your money back.

What you need:

  • Computer or phone with

  • Email and

  • Zoom app – free download

  • A whole bunch of curiosity and

  • Desire for more love, passion and wild in your life!


Message me now sonia@wildself.nz.


One with One

Sourcing from the Void… finding your step on this earth.. feeling your breath in your body… living your soulful life in connection with nature’s elements, with your animal spirit guides, feeling your unique vibration, and the vibration of the planet…

Come walk with Sonia Waters in a one with one, or one with a couple, experience in the wilderness. Go back in time, through your own development, learn to walk, learn to breathe, experience your birth, feel your soul landing, go far far back…. and then move forward with your relearned innate wisdom. Uncut the chains of your domestication as a human being. Let go of the stories that no longer serve you. Move forward with more resilience, creativity, flow, ecstatic vibration, pleasure and grace. Let magic back into your life. If this calls you, contact Sonia now for a conversation around what would serve you best. Online coaching, Skype/Zoom call work together, full immersion in person adventures in Wanaka or your place of choice.

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Wildself Adventure - Inner Fire

I am planning an adventure into the Mount Aspiring Valley, camping by the river, sleeping with the trees, being in deep reverence to the mountains, earth, and universe. I will be working with the seven gates to access the Void. Stoking my inner fire, lighting new pathways. From this place mystery unfolds, magic ignites and souls waken. This is deep inner work. Physical work hiking for hours with a pack. Ritual work preparing shelter, food and drinking the mountains’ water.

I invite one or two people on this adventure into soul magic. Expect to find your limits and step beyond them with ease. Re-wire neural pathways. Light your inner fire. Dive deep into the mystery. Expect change.

If you seek deep transformation, feel the call of nature, and have courage to step into the unknown… call me for a skype interview.

With love and magic,



Old Woman Range

Re-Treat with me! Wildself Adventure 21 to 24 March 2019. Short notice as that how I swing best - with spontaneity :) Contact me for details.

With love and wild and … video taken in the rain so excuse my hands wiping my face while talking :))

Voice Discovery RGB.png

Wildself Voice Discovery

Tahlia Brand, Somatic Sex Educator, Former Opera Singer, Naked Voice Explorer and adventurer of the Void..... brings us to our primal instinctive selves. Tahlia will connect you with your Voice as an Erotic instrument, she will lead you to feel the wild and holy Voice that lives within. And if there could be a more potent experience, sing your way through the mountains and valleys of Wanaka, New Zealand in the shamanic practices of Sonia Waters. Feel intensely your place in the elements, you are part of nature, you are a wild being. Do not expect to go home the same as you left. Connecting with your pure wild self, embodying nature is a journey you cannot undo.

Where and when? Arrive in Wanaka 4pm Friday 8th February, we welcomed onto your lagoon-edge camp site and begin your journey into the mystery. At 80 Lagoon Ave Albert Town we have a marquee temple, tents for accommodation, you will have a foam mattress and will bring your own sleeping bag. We have bathrooms, kitchen and dining room. This is your “glamping” experience.

What will we do? By day we will hike, sit, be in the mountains, by the lakes, and float down the rivers. We eat together, discover voice and wild vibrations in a way only being deeply in nature can access. By evening we hold ritual space by the fire pit and call in the ancestors, the wild, our essence.

Contact us now to find out more and register your interest in this unique, boutique experience.

Love and high vibrations

Tahlia and Sonia. 

Tahlia Brand

Tahlia Brand

Sonia Waters

Sonia Waters

daphna kundalini anna photo.jpg
Kundalini Adventure RGB.png

Kundalini yoga, wild dance and adventuring in the wilderness of Lake Wanaka … a unique and potent space for self-discovery and opening to your Wildself! Kundalini yoga teacher and trainer Daphna Guruwant from Bali collaborates with Sonia Waters creative adventurer of Wanaka, to guide you in this six-day regenerative and restorative journey. Weave together shamanic practices, breath work, energetic awakening and embodiment meditations with hiking, camping, dance and wandering the natural landscape. We call the elements in, feel the pulse of the earth. You will awaken deep and ancient parts of you, your pure essence, your Wildself.


Sonia Waters: Creator of Wildself, mother of two, lover of one, wild woman and adventurer at heart. From corporate success highs and deep dark holes, to life in the mountains and flowing rivers, Sonia guides you through shamanic portals to your Wildself.

Daphna Guruwant: Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, mother, creative creature, living in Bali. Daphna comes to New Zealand for this unique offering, eager to serve your journey of awakening to the boundless and beautiful nature of your creative essence through potent practices that take you into deep remembrance of who you truly are.

You: this unique journey is for you in your curiosity of the mysteries of life. A moderate level of fitness is required for hiking in relatively easy terrain, no prior experience in yoga or meditation is necessary. We welcome everyone seeking the unknown.


We will be camping/glamping on the edge of a lagoon formed by ancient glacial river flows, filled with wildlife, 80 Lagoon Ave, Albert Town, Wanaka, New Zealand. We will also hike into the mountain valleys and spend a night sleeping under the stars deep within the Southern Alps.


This week falls across the powerful new moon of March starting 9am Sunday 3rd March and finishing 0am Saturday 9th March 2019.

If diving deep within and discovering your wild and magical self within the wonderland of mountains and lakes of Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand resonates with you …. register now; places are limited and interest in this unique offering is high.

Warmth, gratitude and mystery….

Daphna and Sonia

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Daphna Guruwant

Daphna Guruwant

Sonia Waters

Sonia Waters