Your Voice ... Your Well-being

Do you speak your deepest truth? Do you voice your emotions, feel ease in open honest communications?

Which pieces do you hold in? Do you hold in the thought that might lose you your job, hold the irritation that might disrupt relations, keep quiet your delight in a hushed room? Fear, shame, blame…  From childhood we are taught to keep quiet. We learn to keep the peace. Trauma not released is held. We store so much within… the older we get, the deeper it goes.

This stored emotion is held in your body. Without release it becomes inflammation causing aches and pains, in some depression, in others cancer. With release we improve our well-being, resilience, we live in our power and life flows with more ease. So how do we release stored emotion without blasting friends and colleagues with our rip-roaring shadow?

We re-wind, go back to the beginning… back to when our voice was the first thing we bought into the world, we unlearn, rewind, rewild. We go back to nature, the trees, the rivers, we listen to their stories. We let our stories be heard, by the trees, the mountains, in this safe place, where everything is accepted, and no one is harmed. We feel deeply those stories, howl at the hills with them. We sit still and listen. We listen to our inner child, we listen to our adult self, we gaze face to face with our Wildself…. And then in the alchemy of slow we make sound. Without tone or words or thought, sound with raw simplicity, from yourself, from the land.

This is your awakened voice. Your voice that expresses emotion, wants to be heard, has permission to be loud, soft, high, low…. welcome in your Wildself Voice.

When you speak with this voice, or sing or howl with this voice, others notice. And follow. Opening up to your voice allows those who are close to you to do the same. Allowing your voice to be heard gives you back your power. Feeling connection with yourself builds your resilience. Sharing your unique vibration through your voice enhances your well-being.

Tahlia Brand, ex-Opera singer and Sonia Waters Wildself adventurer guide this small group of men and women on the Wildself Voice Discovery, February, Wanaka. Only a few places left so book before Christmas to give yourself a head start in resilience and well-being 2019.

Photo by Andy Brown Photography

Photo by Andy Brown Photography

Sonia Waters