The next four season cycle...

SW 20181003.jpg

Last year for me was about landing, planting myself, making home, growing roots….

A seed burying herself in an ancient river bed

Finding her feminine earthly womby self

Finding everything she needs in this land and extending her roots deep

Into the gravels and underground water flows

Hair blowing in the wind with the leaves of her fellow trees

Finding sisters blossoming around the world

Remembering deep darkness and entering that shadow with new vision

Learning to see in the dark

Knowing when it is time to MOVE into the light…

And giving herself permission… to shine.

Raising her vibration and attracting one special man, many special friends, a universe of special moments

I start the next cycle of four seasons with

Ease… luscious conscious ease in full flow, like the river, the wind, fire and earth

Knowing … that everything I need is here; here on this land, in this relationship, in myself, now

Feeling … that my body is starting her great move from Mother stage, into Crone; I savour every blood cycle in by body, feel every heat wave and womb ache, love every sacred flow as if it is my last

Seeking…  a guide in the deepest mountains, and a guide in spiritual growth

And I recognise … that my work IS what I have been seeking, it IS enough, I AM enough

My work in construction is about design, guiding others, creating a better built environment

My work in Wildself is about guiding others in discovery of their wild creative inspired connected passionate primal self….

And it is okay, better than okay, it is great to have a dual work life – my practical masculine side loves work in construction and to climb hard rocky hills, my soft feminine creator loves her Wildself and flowing valley floors, bringing others into her flow…. My masc and fem can co-create, be co-dependant, in fact this relationship is what keeps me whole!

Words I take with me into this next four season cycle:




Sending you love and magic in your next four season cycle…


Sonia Waters