Vibrating cells and other realms

We are simply a bunch of vibrating cells. Some vibrating at frequencies we can see, touch, feel, gazillions more vibrate at frequencies we can’t see. Just as when we stand still and quiet in a gently flowing river we see the tiny waves our bodies create in the glassy water surface; all the cells around us influence our own vibrations and our own vibrations influence those around us.

Connecting deeply with our own body, feeling our vibrations, re-wiring and creating new neural pathways, feeling more deeply, awakening our bodies to the aliveness that is….. allows us to connect deeply with the elements.

Connecting deeply with the elements - earth, water, fire, air; knowing the light and dark side of each element, the gentle caressing flow of each and the dark destructive power of each… allows us to feel more deeply, love more courageously, live more fully.

Equipped with deep knowing and trust we have the tools to develop full human connections, everyday life fills up with ease and positive energy flows more freely. So many of us seek the way out of darkness, isolation, or wonder if there is more to life. It is in the darkest holes that magic starts. The tiniest source of light. The tickling breath of a moth’s wings.

With foundations of deep self-love and earth connections we can access other realms. There is a lot of talk about psychedelic drugs; the other worlds available to us through them, and the healing capacities of these experiences. The idea that there is so much more to life than what we see, that there is knowledge in other realms, wisdom in the land and all she holds, is ancient. We don’t need drugs to access this. We have the power in our own bodies to travel, explore, find wisdom in ourselves and in other realms. We have the power to heal our lives. This is what Wildself is about… the journey to ease, magic and love.

From participants in the Wildself Voice Discovery

“I am singing with a vocal range I lost in my late teens, I have found my powerful and sensual voice, I feel so alive in every aspect of myself!”

“I have found I can trust my truth deeply and it is in the gentle expression of personal truth that safety and trust are created in which love and loving touch can flow … I am clear with my voice in speaking my truth”

“River floating is like flying … I can feel at any time now, the flow of the river, like all the cells in my body are aligned with her, part of her, the calm and relaxation is helping me sleep deeply and the dreaming that is rising from that place is … magical!”

“I traveled to depths where I retrieved my breathing and voice … messages from this weekend feel potent for changing my life”

This feels like deep healing”

We are all perfect as we are… but even more alive we can all be….

With gratitude and love.


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