Co-creating with Dion Taka

I am co-creating "something" with Dion Taka ... we aren't sure what that is just yet, an event, a network, but when he sent me this, I felt magic in the air.... "something" is happening....:

Last night, I lay my head on my pillow 
whilst staring into the vastness of the sky, 
that is the Universe 
that is Us.

A beautiful clear and still night, 
not a cloud in the sky stars shining so bright.

I couldn’t help but feel the pain 
and sorrow of the souls 
that were lost, 
taken so violently 
during prayers at their Mosque.

How can humans be so cruel and hateful?.
The time has come for us to show, 
a new world must emerge or we will not grow, 
the human race will cease to exist, 
given the path it is on and if hatred persists. 
Let’s band together now and for all time, 
it’s sad it takes a tragedy 
for humans to combine. 
Heed my words, 
read them carefully!, 
lend me your Trust 
and I’ll give you mine.

DT 21/03/19

Old woman 10.jpg
Sonia Waters