Full Moon Gathering

With the burning of Notre Dame earlier this week, I am bought to tears with the death of beautiful architecture which has stood through two world wars and am in amazement at the irony of the burning while under refurbishment. I don’t wonder at who caused the fire, I do wonder at the symbolism and timing. The rise of the feminine, the rise of love as leader, the memory of witches burned for their magic, the burning of this sacred holy place of love and hate, holds me in awe of the universe and her great wisdom. I call my local community to a full moon ritual. Like the witches of the middle ages. I call a gathering for people in male and female bodies. I call men and women for while the feminine is on the rise, and this is wonderful for all the right reasons, I bring a note of balance to the fire flames and moon energy. Men have “me too” stories too. Men wonder how to be in a world so different from that our fathers grew and parented in. Men and women, we all have masculine and feminine traits and aspects within. This full moon gathering was a magical time to drop into our soft side, our love, our creative, our energy, to feel the warmth of fire, the connection with earth and moon, connection with each other. We all, regardless of gender, can lead in this world, equally, passionately, with wild feminine, with wild masculine, with wild love. I share with you this mediation from last nights full moon fire. Find stillness within. Feel your breath. Hold your hands just below your belly button. Feel the fire in your creative center. Feel your feet on the ground. The moon overhead. Join me next full moon for more. Lets practice together.

With love.


Sonia Waters