My partner breathes through his mouth most of the time. His focus on learning to nose breathe is bringing the power of the Nose to my attention. I nose breathe. I can pause for about 35 seconds between breaths, he 20 seconds. I can smell people’s perfume and soap powder when walking in the forest half a mile away; use less smelly stuff people! I can smell where an animal slept out in the hills. My man misses these details. This is not a competition, just an observation. And then a curiosity around whether it matters.

The point of this Wildself gig is to share the deep healing that comes from connection with nature, the elements, our selves. If we nose breathe, we are able to drop more readily into relaxed meditative state as encouraged by yoga and mindfulness practice. If we nose breathe, we are awakened to the sense of smell, one of the key senses that keep our wild animal counterparts alive, kept us pre-civilised humans alive, and one that today, can enrich our experience of nature beyond measure.

Right now we are in autumn in the Lakes of Otago with golden leaves, damp ground, frosts, with smells abundant, rich and magical. Red toadstools line the bush tracks and I am taken back to my childhood through sensorial memory. I travel in my mind, am relaxed and know that this is a portal to the Otherworlds. While travel to other realms may be of no interest to you, our earthly experience is intensified through our awakened senses.

How often to you really smell your own body? I invite you to slowly inhale, through your nose and immerse yourself for a moment in the smell of your skin here and now, any time, when you wake up in the morning, after a shower, after a hard walk or run, or after sex. You have your own unique smell which changes depending on the season and your activity. If you are in a female body your smells will change through your menstrual cycle. In a male body your smell will change with the seasons, you have an annual cycle.

Ever deeply smelt the skin of your partner? The chances are, you love his or her smell. We are attracted on a biological level, animal level, to those who are a good genetic match with our own DNA through pheromones that send messages through our sense of smell. Deepen your sexual experience with conscious attention to smell.

Get a little closer to your Wildself…. Let me know how you go!

Lots of love,



Sonia Waters