Unearthing the Warrior Goddess

I marvel at how the universe delivers us the messages we need just as we need them most. I offer a one day Wildself Adventure as an Air BnB Experience (a great way to discover the places you visit!). My listing has been sitting there for a couple of months. I guessed with no bookings that the spiritual journey just isn’t the regular travelers gig. Then one day, Stef booked. Stef, professor in sustainable tourism, gentle, softly spoken, intelligent mind, strong and wise soul.

We walked into the hills, amidst sunshine and snow, ancient stones and naked lands. Across our path ran a tussock coloured wild cat. Strong and sleek our animal spirit guide lead our journey into the unknown, the mystery. We shared of the challenges of being feminine in a masculine dominated work world. We explored the magic of being soft and powerful. We let our feminine lead the way, allowed our masculine to stand at our backs… and we journeyed deep within. In Stef’s words:

“This experience is truly unique. Sonia goes over the top to ensure that you are embarking on a spiritual journey. Incredible and breathtaking views were felt and seen on our hike. She packed us hot tea as the snow fell, along with a delicious lunch. Her knowledge and breadth of the land around us was next level. I felt safe, grounded, and unearthed my spiritual warrior goddess. Highly recommend for a different feel of Wanaka.”

Much gratitude. S.