Safety & Policies



This is an outdoor, physical, emotional, and spiritual adventure. All outdoor activities have risk involved and will be managed by experienced guides as required for the specific activity. All care will be given by us as guides, and in participating in this journey you also give commitment to take full responsibility for your own safety and wellbeing, and to openly express your concerns and limits throughout the journey. All members of the adventure also commit to taking care of their fellow adventurers; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, together, we take care and give care.


Your place on the adventure is secured on payment of the deposit.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Full payment of Adventure fees will be payable two weeks prior to the event.


Cancellations are not accepted, and full payment will be required even if you cannot attend. While this seems strong, it is unlikely your position would be filled after you have made the commitment to join us and adventure costs are divided among the limited number of participants.


Please let us know of any medical concerns, allergies, old injuries, or new injuries we should be aware of before you book your Wildself Adventure.