To all of you inspired by Sonia’s insight I encourage you to find the magic each of us have but few take the courage to find. Sonia is and remains a warm human being a renaissance woman.
— Bob Hall, New Zealand

Thank you!
Just like for everyone who comes near you…. A little bit of your positive energy rubs off and my life is all the better for it! And then somehow even onto my family. My husband made some of his own bold and insightful insights into aspects of himself tonight and that NEVER happens! Haha
— Bex, New Zealand

Conscious Adventuring with Sonia
... With her voice Sonia asked us to focus on our steps, on the placement of our feet, to pick our path and to feel each foot connect with the ground. One step at a time. That getting to the top was irrelevant, being in the journey was important.

Her words brought me into my body through my feet. Our slow pace left me with the time to see the beauty around me – which I had got into the habit of rushing past. The different colours and shapes of the trees, the changing nature of the track – gravel, rocky, hard mud - the small details.

Both of us had a fear of heights which Sonia doesn’t. One of the breaks from walking was to sit on a rocky outcrop high above the bush below. She asked us to feel the rock we were sitting on, to imagine its solidness sustained over a long period of time, to connect with the rock through out tails, to feel our anxiety and to wash it from our bodies and into the rock.
... On a side path we lay on the bright green moss surrounded by forest. Sonia led us through a mediation. To feel the warmth of the moss below us, the connection of the trees surrounding us and around us, to make sound from deep in our bodies that resonated with our surroundings.
... Sonia led us off the path to a clearing. To stand in a patch of sunlight. We put our hands on our selves. She led us through a mediation - to feel the energy in our bodies and our breath. To feel the breeze on our skin and the sun. To feel nature around us. To feel us as nature.
... As we walked we followed Sonia in feeling our wings, moving our arms and placing our feet. Sonia used her voice, not singing, but sounds that resonated with our movement, lead our experience. Our breathe was audible, movement of our bodies through our spine and into our tails and wings bought us remembering our childhood.

And suddenly we were at the top. With a panoramic view in front of us, a sense of achievement in the journey, bodies tingling with new sensations and an appreciation for conscious walking.

Conscious biking
... Sonia asked me to feel the anxiety in my body. Where was it, what did it feel like. Observe it. Sitting on the ground she led me into feeling my anus on the ground, holding my lower spine and tail bone and then to drive my dragon’s tail into the dirt, the stony gravel below the surface and deep into the ground. We breathed into the earth and bought the earths vibration up through our tails. Then in the same rhythm I was to breathe into the knot of anxiety in my core and breathe it into the earth, to suck the earths vibration up to fill its place.
To breathe through it and to exhale it, I felt it dissipating, and being replaced with a softer vibration, by being present, safe. We rode on.
Sonia asked me to put my hands on my chest to feel my breath going in and out, my core for any anxiety and my groin, to hold and rock small movement into my body, and to feel trust. She asked me to make sound that vibrated trust. I heard my own voice and felt my body. Sonia asked me to visualise myself back on my bike, on the track, in the pine forest. To feel the wheels turn as they moved along the track, connected to the track, the track flowing through the trees and of the earth, there to guide me safely through this terrain. I felt the bike move under me, its connection to the ground, its stability. I saw myself going downhill, moving through corners, flowing with the track, being safe. I was to take that trust on the bike with me. I didn’t sing out with my sound as she did, but maybe next time.
As I listened to Sonia’s voice I imagined the flow of energy from the sun into the top of my head and through me – connecting me to the earth. She spoke of flowing with air, feeling air on our skin, in our mouths and lungs, and flying like birds along the next section of track. I was still feeling the sun though and loving the trees and flow of energy.

The final section of track is fast and banked with steep corners, with anxiety and hesitation long forgotten, I felt the exhilaration of speed and the flow of, and connection with, the earth.
— SM, New Zealand

From start to finish Sonia’s gentle spoken and breathing guidance eases you into an imagery of anchoring ones self to the earth as you empty your thoughts around the stone circle and then embark on a climb to the sky. I highly recommend a one on one connection as a wondrous journey of mind and soul.
— TL