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And me… what will I get from a Wildself Aventure?

This unique journey is for you in your curiosity of the mysteries of life. A moderate level of fitness is required for hiking in relatively easy terrain, no prior experience in yoga or meditation is necessary. We welcome everyone seeking the unknown.

Every person’s life path is different, but we all share a basic desire for freedom and contentment. Sounds simple but that can be difficult to find when wrapped in the chains of domestication. If you wish to shed the layers of daily life and see what lies beneath, if you wish to connect with your self … then be part of a Wildself Adventure where you can expect:

  • time and space

  • connection with raw pure nature

  • being guided into the shamanic realms of the elements and spirit of the wild

  • totem animals become part of our journey and help guide us on our return home

  • some adventures are wrapped in an online journey with your fellow adventurers, a daily practice and safe group in which to share will enhance the depth of experience and will support you in your return home

  • physical adventures into the wilderness include, hiking, biking, water-play and camping - every adventure is different and relies on the weather, season and group that forms

  • you will have the opportunity to connect with the elements of nature, to dive deep within, and to really feel you ARE nature

  • from this place of BEING nature, BEING raw, wild, innocence you can step in life with certainty, creativity, connection

  • relationships change, life evolves, you take your opportunities and run with wings and a tail like you forgot you had!

The possibilities are endless, the opening is here, group offerings are being created in abundance, but if you prefer to work one on one, this too is magical. Make contact, ask for what you want, and lets see what the universe delivers!

I look forward to meeting you,