Wild Women’s Adventure

Calloused wrists from the chains of domestication?

Shallow breath from regular restraint?

Feeling the call, from deep within, the silent shout, “let me out!!!”

Yes, let me out of pattern, restriction, submission,

I hold hands with women

We seek healing, we lunge into

Wind, water, wild

Let’s climb the hills, scream and cry and laugh and play

Alone and together feminine leads the way

Innocence returns, breath expands, pleasure unfurls,

The stones our temples, stars our ceiling

Wild goddess raw, real, awakening!

With these women, in nature, under the moon,

I reclaim my naked, radiant, loving, passionate self.

My Wildself.


Adventuring in the wilderness of Wanaka, four fabulous women unpeel the layers of domesticity to discover your pure wild selves. Hiking, camping, dance, meditation… time in the trees, valleys, mountains and rivers. Dive deep into the mystery, journey into your soul truth, take home tools to see, live and love life differently.

NOVEMBER 2019 - arrive 4pm Thursday 21st, depart mid-morning Monday 25th November.

If this resonates with you, contact me now to discuss further. Much love, Sonia.

sonia@wildself.nz or +64 27 200 9566 or… press the button below :)