dive deep into nature, emerge wild connected free
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Welcome to Wildself adventures where you are invited to explore the wilderness, connect with the elements, feel the pulse of the earth, dive deep into the mystery and meet your wild self.

Connected with your raw essence, your loving self, pure magic and energetic flow emerges.

Life after a Wildself adventure is never the same…


Upcoming Adventures


Wildself Full Moon Gathering

19th April 2019, please email to confirm attendance sonia@wildself.nz or complete this form:

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earth   fire   water   air
magic fountains of 
life   love   soul 
immersion in elements 
elevated me 
from depression 
at the bottom of the ocean 
to wild cries of pleasure 
on    of    in
rivers lakes mountains!
meditation silence 
walking dancing 
breathing moving being
part of nature
time to sit 
calm connection
self   love   ease

                             Sonia Waters.



Wanaka, New Zealand

Adventure capital of the world this magical land of mountains, lakes, rivers, tussock and rock is home to those who seek endorphin rush or deep rest.

We will be camping/glamping on the edge of a lagoon formed by ancient glacial river flows, filled with wildlife, 80 Lagoon Ave, Albert Town, Wanaka. We will also hike into the mountain valleys and spend a night sleeping under the stars deep within the Southern Alps.

Where we go and what we do will be realised with each unique group and season. Enjoy the magic of the unknown!


Shhh… listen…

Can you hear your wild inner child?

Do you feel the wind on your skin?

Nature is calling you, she has offerings that will guide you in your life, build resilience, feel connected….